IPC 50,140.5     +0.8%         Dow Jones 22,997.4     +0.2%         S&P 500 2,559.4     +0.1         VIXX 10.31     +4.0         Exchange rate 18.78     +1.6%         Euro 22.10     +1.9%         Cete 28 7.04%     +0.01%         TIIE 28 days %             Libor 1 month 1.24%     0.00         US Treasury (10 years) 2.30%    -0.01         UMS (10 years) 3.36%    0.00         Oil price 49.16     -0.2         Gold 1,283.0     -1.5


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About us

About us ::

SENTIDO COMÚN is an on-line financial publication that aimes to provide indispensable economic, financial and business news for decision makers.

The publication is directed by Eduardo García, the former Mexico City bureau-chief for Bloomberg News, the international news agency.

Eduardo García has a Master\'s degree in journalism from New York University. He received a fulbright scholarship and a fellowship from ITT to study abroad. He holds a Bachelor\'s degree in economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Mr. garcia and several family members together own 78% of Cartera, S.A. de C.V., the publishing firm of SENTIDO COMÚN. A group of private investors hold the remaining 22 % of the company.

The García family has editorial control. Their shares give them the exclusive right to select SENTIDO COMÚN's content.

One of SENTIDO COMÚN's main goals is to provide readers only with relevant information, To help them, discriminate from the overload of financial and economic information that is generated everyday.

The publication also seeks to make economic, financial and management information easy to understand.

SENTIDO COMÚN looks for the macro-economic trends that impact industries, shareholders and workers, without losing sight of micro-develpments in sectors or companies.

We also closely monitor local and international financial markets and explain their performance. We also describe the evolution of company shares traded on the markets. Our goal is to help business people, investors and the public in general make more informed financial decisions.