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The following are some references to Sentido Común that have appeared in national and international media: .

When it comes to the media, Mr. Slim's family businesses have invested in a variety of television networks and bought a 1 percent stake in The Independent newspaper in Britain last year. "His leverage is tremendous," said Mr. García, who publishes a financial news Web site in Mexico City, (sentidocomun.com.mx), that tracks Mr. Slim's many holdings. "That's how he muffles all the criticisms that might come his way."
Febrero 16 de 2009
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In Mexico, Mr Slim's investing strategy has won him the reputation as a lender of last resort, bailing out numerous companies in transactions that almost always turned out very well for the billionaire. Eduardo García, director of Sentido Común, an online business publication in Mexico, said the Times deal is no different. "He is playing it as a banker at the moment: a banker of last resort," he says, pointing out that it is also particularly attractive for Mr Slim. It leaves him with a foot wedged in the newspaper's front door, if he changes his tactic.
Enero 21 de 2009
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CNBC has learned that the bank controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim started buying Citigroup shares last week, Michelle Caruso Cabrera has more on the story.
26 de noviembre de 2008

The economic crisis in this country has spread wide and far, but it didn't have to travel too far to hit México. Most Mexican exports come to the United States, and the number of those exports is falling. Economic growth in Mexico slowed to 2.17% in the third quarter and the peso has lost most than 25% of its value just since August. The World's Lorne Matalon reports from central México.
4 de noviembre de 2008
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Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is barely known in the U.S. Most of his wealth was created through the privatization of Mexico's telephone company. Slim recently bought a 6.4 percent stake in The New York Times Company.
29 de septiembre de 2009
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Mr. Slim's telephone companies have driven most rivals out of business, charging them high fees to complete their calls through Telmex's existing network and tying up any legal challenges in Mexico's Byzantine courts. Mr. Slim's holdings, including his New York Times Co. acquisition, are worth an estimated $58.5 billion, according to Sentido Comun, a Mexican financial Web site that tracks his wealth.
by David Luhnow y Russell Adams
11 de septiembre de 2008

"They have no debt. They never leverage their growth" by borrowing money to expand their business, said Eduardo Garcia, editor in chief of financial news website Sentido Común, based in Mexico City. "They do it the old-fashioned way. … They've grown with their own resources."
by Angela Tablac
21 de junio de 2008
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Different families within Modelo's ownership trust may have different views about management, the direction of the company, and short- and long-term investment strategy.
"Everybody has a price," said Eduardo Garcia, editor-in-chief of the financial news website Sentido Común in Mexico City. But "I think they feel proud of being a Mexican company and they're very proud of Corona being the No. 1 imported beer in the U.S."
by Jeremiah McWilliams
14 de junio de 2008
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With Buffett now at that top spot and Gates slipping to the third position, the world's second richest man, maybe not quite as well known throughout the United States, but he is certainly is right here and CNBC Michelle Caruso Cabrera is more with that part of the story.
6 de marzo de 2008
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In 2001, when the U.S. economy and stock markets slumped, so did the Mexican stock market. But "the Mexican economy has a much more solid footing now," said Eduardo García, a Mexico City analyst who runs the Sentido Común business Web site.
García said inflation was under control in Mexico, interest rates were at historic lows and there was abundant credit available for businesses. High oil prices are also helping stabilize Mexico's economy. Still, García said, "everybody's worried."
by Kevin Sullivan and Ariana Eunjung Cha
23 de enero de 2008
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". . . en su edición del 29 de junio, Sentido Común, una publicación en línea que desde 15 meses atrás seguía jornada a jornada la evolución de la riqueza de Slim calculó que el mexicano había superado al presidente de Microsoft."
por Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa
12 de agosto 2007
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"Eduardo García, director de la publicación digital Sentidocomún, no imaginó la repercusión mundial que tendría su informe sobre la fortuna de Carlos Slim."
por Joaquim Ibarz
15 de julio de 2007
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"Now there is a need for new books, because the world has a new richest man. This month has seen a rash of commentary about Carlos Slim, the Mexican investor, after Sentido Comun, a highly respected Mexican financial news website, announced that he had overtaken Gates and Buffett."
by John Authers
14 de julio de 2007
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"A Mexican, Carlos Slim Helú, has, according to Sentido Común, a Mexican online newspaper, moved ahead in the game of Monopoly played by the super-rich. Slim is now the world's richest man."
by Ian Campbell
12 de julio de 2007
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"Carlos Slim isn't just Mexico's richest man - he possesses an astronomical 8% of the country's GDP. So it's not surprising that Eduardo Garcia, one of Mexico's most respected business journalists and the editor-founder of the online financial publication Sentido Comun (Common Sense), last year started a quarterly feature called Slim Watch."
by Tim Padgett
11 de julio de 2007
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"…online Mexican newspaper Sentido Comun put the spotlight on Slim after estimating his net worth, $62.9 billion, surpassed that of Microsoft's Gates following a surge in America Movil stock."
by Adriana Arai
10 de julio de 2007
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"Now, according to the Mexican website Sentido Comun, a big increase in the value of his telecoms companies has put him ahead of the man who transformed the way computers work."
by Julia Finch y Jo Tuckman
7 de julio de 2007
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". . . Mexican financial newsletter Sentido Común (Common Sense), crunching the most recent share-price indicators at the end of the second quarter, figures his fortune has climbed to $67.8 billion, outstripping that of Gates."
by Geri Smith
4 de julio de 2007
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Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is now worth $67.8bn (£33.6bn), as against the Microsoft founder's $59.2bn, financial website Sentido Comun says.
by Simon Atkinson
4 de julio de 2007
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"A 27 percent surge in the share price of America Movil, Latin America's largest cell phone operator controlled by Slim, from March to June made him close to $8.6 billion wealthier than Gates, said Eduardo Garcia in Sentido Comun, the online financial publication he founded."
Reuters News
3 de julio de 2007
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"Slim hit the No. 1 spot after a recent surge in the share price of his America Movil, Latin America's largest cell phone company, according to Eduardo Garcia of the online financial publication Sentido Comun."
by Chris Aspin
2 de julio de 2007

"A Mexican online publication, Sentido Comun, which tracks his fortune closely, reports that his companies' value has grown so fast this year that he has now swept into first place with a fortune of $57 billion, just above Bill Gates of Microsoft."
by Elisabeth Malkin
28 de junio de 2007
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Populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants a recount in Mexico's presidential election. The official winner is conservative Felipe Calderon. What is the mood in Mexico City? Eduardo Garcia, founder of the site SentidoComun.com, speaks with Scott Simon.
8 de julio de 2006
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