IPC 50,545.8     +0.4%         Dow Jones 22,359.2     -0.2%         S&P 500 2,500.6     -0.3         VIXX 9.67     -1.1         Exchange rate 17.88     -0.6%         Euro 21.25     0.0%         Cete 28 6.98%     0.00%         TIIE 28 days %             Libor 1 month 1.24%     0.00         US Treasury (10 years) 2.28%    +0.02         UMS (10 years) 3.54%    0.00         Oil price 48.65     -0.1         Gold 1,294.8     -0.4


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Reading time ::

Reading time is a new payment system created by SENTIDO COMÚN. It works similarly to card systems used by retail or cellphone companies.

When you buy reading time, you purchase credit to receive access to our content so you end up paying only for the stories or briefs you are interested in consulting.

For example, 50 pesos of reading time gives you the right to read up to 50 SENTIDO COMÚN stories or briefs. Each time you click on an item, we will deduct one peso from your account, which is created automatically at the moment of your purchase.

Under this system, you can acquire 50, 100 or 150 pesos of reading time, giving you access to 50, 100 or 150 news items.

You can check the amount that remains in your account by clicking on "My account", which appears in the upper right hand corner of SENTIDO COMÚN, next to your name.

If you click more than once on the same story or brief, the system will only charge for the first click.

We hope you find this system useful.