US economy

Trump Administration Is Said to Be Losing Patience on Nafta

Jan.19 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. officials have a stern message for their Canadian and Mexican counterparts on the eve of the most important round of Nafta talks yet: They’re losing patience with the resistance to their proposals to rework the trade accord.

Donald Trump Is Still Their Man

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Times were so tough in the coal mining region around Buchanan County, Va., in 2016 that people looked for a political savior. They got Donald Trump . A year after his inauguration, they say it is working out just fine.

Global Economy

Economist Proposed as First Woman on Bank of Mexico Board

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has proposed Irene Espinosa, an economist and senior finance ministry official, to fill the vacant position on the Bank of Mexico's board of governors, according to a notice sent to Mexico's Congress on Thursday.

Trump Warned New Bill in Mexico Would Lure More Jobs South

Jan.19 (Bloomberg) -- The largest labor federation in the U.S. said new legislation in Mexico would encourage more jobs to flee south of the border and could throw a spanner into the works of North American trade talks next week.

Pivotal Nafta Talks Said to Start Early, Be Longest Round Yet

Jan.19 (Bloomberg) -- The Nafta talks that are set to begin in Montreal will start on Jan. 21, two days earlier than planned and last for nine days as teams from the U.S., Canada and Mexico push to deliver results for a cabinet ministers’ meeting on the final day, according to two people familiar with the plans.

In Venezuela’s Oil Hub, Prosperity Turns to Crime, Hunger

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Oil from brackish Lake Maracaibo transformed this country a century ago from a tropical backwater into the world’s biggest oil exporter and, for a time, South America’s richest country.


Apple’s Big Cash Winners: Shareholders

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Apple Inc. announced a $38 billion tax windfall for the U.S. government this week, but the biggest beneficiary of the company’s response to tax-system changes will likely be its shareholders.

Are U.S. Carmakers Still Stuck in the Past?

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- When Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped into the lights at the Michigan Theater Sunday night—the surprise guest at the unveiling of Mercedes-Benz’s redesigned G-Wagen SUV before the 2018 North American International Auto Show—it was one slow-moving dinosaur celebrating another.


IEA Prediction of Explosive U.S. Oil Growth Stokes OPEC Fears

Jan.19 (Bloomberg) -- OPEC’s fear that another surge of shale oil could neutralize its production cuts might be coming true.

Three ‘Risk-Free’ Bonds, Three Very Different Outcomes

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Are bonds in a bear market? It depends who you ask, although with 10-year Treasury yields hitting their highest since 2014 , the case is building. For bonds issued when yields fell to record lows in 2016, the effect of the rise in yields has been stacking up—and showing the power of an important concept known as duration. It is turning gain into pain for bondholders.

ADT Shares Fall Below IPO Price in Trading Debut

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Shares of ADT Inc. fell sharply below their initial public offering price in early trading Friday, sucking air out of an offering already priced lower than anticipated.

Let Me Tell You Some More About Bitcoin—Hello? Hello?

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- Raphaela Lucsok put up with her husband investing about $100 in bitcoin that the couple couldn’t afford. She didn’t argue when he quit his stable job for a bitcoin startup and even went along with his insistence to eat only at the (very few) restaurants that accept the digital currency.

Is Lithium the Next Canary in the Markets Mine?

Jan.19 (Dow Jones) -- What bubbly asset class—whose sky-high valuation rests on an immature, but very fashionable technology—is selling off sharply?