IPC 50.364.0     +0.2%         Dow Jones 22,412.6     +0.2%         S&P 500 2,508.2     +0.1%         NASDAQ 6,456.0     -0.1%         Tipo de cambio 17.78     0.00%         Dólar FIX 17.701     +0.4%         Euro 21.25     +0.2%         Cete 28 6.98%     0.00%         TIIE 28 días 7.38%     0.00         Libor 1 mes 1.24%     0.00         US Treasury (10 años) 2.26%    +0.4         UMS (10 años) 3.55%    +0.03         Petróleo mezcla 48.78     +0.3         WTI 50.41     +0.48         Oro 1,299.8     -0.9%         VIX 9.78     -3.9%


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US economy
California Sues Over Trump's Plans for Border Wall
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued the Trump administration in federal court Wednesday to block construction of prototypes for a Mexican border wall and other fencing near San Diego.
Fed to Start Paring Holdings, Keeps December Rate Rise on the Table
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- The Federal Reserve indicated Wednesday it remained on track to raise short-term rates later this year and said it would begin shrinking its portfolio of bonds next month, starting to close the books on an unprecedented and sometimes controversial policy experiment.
McConnell Plans Vote on GOP Health Bill Next Week
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) --Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he planned to hold a vote next week on the latest GOP effort to unwind the Affordable Care Act, his spokesman said Wednesday, even as Republicans were still scrambling to secure enough support to pass the legislation.
How the Fed’s Balance Sheet Unwind Will Ripple Through Banks
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- The gradual wind down of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet will have far-reaching effects throughout the banking system. For the most part, major banks stand to benefit.
Google to Buy Part of Phone Maker HTC
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) --Alphabet Inc.'s Google is set to buy part of struggling Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., according to people familiar with the situation, part of the search giant's latest effort to crack the handset market.
Global Economy
Mexico's 'Moles' Dig Out Earthquake Victims
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- The ritual is grimly familiar to most Mexicans: When a member of the Topos raises a clenched right fist from atop the rubble of building collapsed by an earthquake, everyone goes silent so rescue workers can hear any pleas for help from beneath the debris.
Mexican Schoolchildren Trapped After Earthquake
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- Residents of the Mexican capital on Wednesday spent the day grieving or trying to help recovery efforts after a devastating earthquake killed at least 230 people. But many also spent the day rooting for a little girl.
In Mexico Quake, Geography and Building Codes Played Important Roles
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- This city is one of the worst places to be when an earthquake strikes. That's because it sits on a former lake bed and near an array of tectonic plates that have been crashing into each other for more than a million years.
The Secret of Angela Merkel's Longevity: Strategic Flip-Flops
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) --Martin Schulz, who is running to unseat German Chancellor Angela Merkel, drew loud applause at his party's convention in June when he unveiled a core campaign promise: "We will achieve marriage equality in the next government!"
There's Actual War, and Then There's @Ukraine vs. @Russia
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) --Three years after their military invaded Ukraine, @Russia -- a team of diplomats at Moscow's Ministry of Foreign Affairs -- last month tried to rub it in: "We dedicate this video to those who try to hurt us with new sanctions!" they tweeted, with a video of burly knights swinging medieval weapons.

Pain in Spain? Investors See Lingering Political Risk in Catalonia
Sept. 20 (Dow Jones) -- A bid for independence for one of Spain’s richest regions is a lingering risk for investors after a long period of political uncertainty in Europe.
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