IPC 49,340.1     +0.5%         Dow Jones 21,454.6     +0.7%         S&P 500 2,440.7     +0.9%         NASDAQ 6,234.4     +1.4%         Tipo de cambio 17.84     +0.8%         Dólar FIX 17.874     +0.6%         Euro 20.30     +0.4%         Cete 28 6.96%     0.00%         TIIE 28 días 7.35%     +0.02         Libor 1 mes 1.23%     0.00         US Treasury (10 años) 2.22%    +0.02         UMS (10 años) 3.44%    -0.02         Petróleo mezcla 41.38     +0.5         WTI 44.85     +1.13         Oro 1,249.8     +0.2%         VIX 10.03     -9.3%


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US economy
Fed ‘Stress Tests’ Clear All Banks to Issue Payouts to Shareholders
Banks are required to meet capital requirements in order to pass government stress tests. So what is capital, and how much is needed? WSJ's Liz Hoffman reports. Illustration: Heather Seidel/The Wall Street Journal
Homeland Security to Unveil Travel-Ban Guidelines
The Trump administration plans to begin enforcing its travel ban on Thursday, but the changes are unlikely to be immediately visible at airports in the U.S. or anywhere else.

Global Economy
This Man Could Lead Mexico’s Central Bank, or Maybe the Nation
Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade is a rare commodity for the upper echelons of Mexico’s government -- a man with a reputation for honesty. That has led some to tout him as the scandal-plagued ruling party’s best option for the 2018 presidential race. If that is a step too far, others say he should fill the upcoming opening as the head of the central bank.
Mexico Rate Cuts: Market's Wrong If Peso Cooperates, BNP Says
Mexico's central bank raised its benchmark interest by 25 basis points last week, and many economists think Banxico's hike last week was the last and that the benchmark interest rate will hover at 7%.
Chopper Flight Leaves Venezuelans Mystified
The government's account sounded like an action movie plot: Police commando Oscar Pérez hijacks a police chopper, flies around the capital promoting rebellion and dropping explosives, then lands and disappears into thin air.

Union Pacific CEO Sees Growth With Mexico, Trump Rhetoric Aside
Union Pacific Corp. sees Mexico trade as a bright spot for its rail freight growth despite tough trade talk from President Donald Trump, said Chief Executive Officer Lance Fritz.
Berkshire Hathaway On Path to Be Top Bank of America Holder
Warren Buffett ’s firm is on track to become the biggest shareholder in Bank of America Corp.
Is Food Giant Nestlé Turning Away From Food?
The world’s biggest packaged-food company may be cutting back on packaged food.
MetLife Closer to Spinning Off U.S. Life Insurance Business
MetLife Inc. on Wednesday cleared one of the last obstacles to spinning off most of its longtime core business of selling life insurance to U.S. families.

Pound Surges as Bank of England’s Carney Hints at Rate Rise
The pound jumped Wednesday after Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney said interest rates in the U.K. may need to rise if the economy keeps motoring despite weak consumer spending.
Signals on Stimulus Roil Global Markets
Easy money unleashed by global central banks is receding, a development that could test a range of assets -- from stocks to real estate -- that have become tightly linked to monetary support since the global financial crisis.
Cheapest Fuel Since 2005 Brings U.S. Drivers `Christmas in July'
American drivers are preparing to hit the road this Fourth of July as seasonal gas prices plunge to their lowest in 12 years.

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